The Pastor's Corner

Pastor Ronnie Parrish

Food for Thought


                                          "Failure isn't fatal and success isn't final"

There's a saying (often attribute to Winston Churchill) that goes "Defeat is never fatal. Victory 

is never final. It's courage that counts." Success has a way of ebbing and flowing and it's being

able to ride the wave without falling off that the biggest lessons are learned.


                                "Nothing is impossible - the word itself says, I'm possible."

This quote from Audrey Hepburn reminds us to stay positive and hopeful - not the easiest task when

the world is wrapped up in pessimism and doubt. Believe in your own abilities and have faith in your



                          "The road to success and the road to failure are one of the same."

It may look as though your path is rocky and steep while others have it easier, but everyone faces

obstacles and detours. We can't always control the road we're on but the choices we make along the

way will play a large part in determining how far we can go.