What has God shown you

since Annastin was given her diagnosis?

"God has shown me the story of

Abraham, just like the Lord

provided a ram for Abraham. He will also provide

for us. God is wanting us to pray in faith. Not asking the Lord

for Anna's healing, but thanking Him because it's already been done."

                       ~Bro. Antonio Pearson



What has God shown you through all the

events that have taken place in your life

in the past few years?

"God has taught me to trust Him.

Sometimes, I stress myself and worry so

much, but I will trust Him He will

always work it out."

Trust in the Lord with all you heart; 

do not depend on your own

understanding. - Proverbs 3:5

                   ~Sis. Joni Herndon



 "Our God is good! He seeks our

 praise and our worship. He has shown

me that if I will continually give Him

my praise and my worship, He is there

to give me more of His wonderful,

peaceful, loving presence. I love my Jesus."

                     ~Sis. Agnes McClain



Becoming a mother at a young age taught

me countless things. When I asked Damian what

he would say if someone asked what kind of mother

he has, his response was, "My mother is sweet. She 

takes good care of me. She doesn't let me starve, but 

sometimes she's a pain!" Through 19 years of being a

mother, the one place I always know to turn is to God. 

Without Him, I don't know where Damian would be.

                 ~Jenifer Flatt


Father's Day Testimony


"Father's Day is a time for celebration of some of the

absolute best people on this earth. Dad's are great. Just take mine 

for example. My dad, Terry Pearcy, is so encouraging and caring

and ultimately wants the best for me no matter what.

He always supported me whether it be taking me to church

or coming to every single game I've ever had unless he has to work.

If you have a father in your life never take them for granted."

                                       ~Konner Pearcy


And my God will supply all your needs according

to His reches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


"The Lord has blessed me and my family in so many ways

I can't tell them all. He is so good to us. Just when I think

we can't go on, He will supply no matter what it is. It can be

some of the smallest things, but just enough to let me know He's 

still with us and providing our every need and sometime's our

wants. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me. I can't complain."

                                          ~Sis. Brandi Newton