Our Purpose:

The purpose of our Women's Ministry is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women at TPCD and within our community. This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.


To empower women to become women after God's own heart. We share practical insights about following God in every area of life. This includes, but is not limited to: nurturing an impassioned relationship with God, loving your family, enjoying your children, caring for your home, experiencing personal growth and giving to others. Come join us in serving the Lord and each other with our God-given talents

To strengthen and honor women in all seasons of their lives, to cultivate wisdom and kindness among our families and community, and to provide an avenue of social connection.

Secret Sisters:
The Secret Sister fellowship is a commitment to keep a chosen sister in your prayers daily, to support, encourage, and remember her throughout the entire year. Likewise, you will be remembered, supported, encouraged, and lifted in prayer by a "secret sister" throughout the year. At the conclusion of the year, we have a "revealing" lunch (or dinner) where you will have the chance to find out her name and share an enjoyable evening of fun and fellowship. For more information please contact us through the contact page.



Women's Intercessory Prayer


Women's Prayer Meeting

Overseeing Pastor
Ministry Coordinator

A group of women who come together to pray for the needs of the church.

A group of women who meet every Monday night in the Sanctuary from 7pm–8pm to pray and lift up the needs of the church.