Tina Blackwell - Testimony

This testimony was written by Tina Blackwell on February 23, 2010.

"I would like to thank God for leading me to this amazing church. There was so many people that was always inviting us to this church but after I would always say to Jimmy Don that I was good. But I wasn't. Sis. Angie Reeves is my soul winner. There is something about her sweet spirit that has inspired me. She is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. Years ago my life was so out of control and I truly believe God sent an angel to save me, my husband Jimmy Don. From the moment I met him, he turned my life around and it only keeps getting better with God in our lives. I have tried going to church many times and when I began to feel something I ran. It was the easy way out for me it seemed. Jimmy Don said he has noticed that something was going on with me but just didn't know what. I was missing God in my life and needed him so bad. On a Wednesday, I was really feeling the need to go to church so I finally listened to the need and went. And ever since that night, I was feelling hunger for more. I couldn't hardly wait for Sunday to get back to church. On Sunday morning, Bro. Ronnie gave a message about NOW. I sat on that back pew wanting so bad to go to that alter but I couldn't pull myself to go. Sis. Karen knew that was the perfect opportunity to ask me to let them teach us a home Bible study. I immediately said ok and we set it up for Friday. I came back to service Sunday night. After Church I was feeling God all over me and couldn't sleep. I started talking to Seth Parrish on the computer about how I was feeling. He said he thought Friday was too long for me to wait for the Bible study and needed it NOW! I knew that he was right. So the next morning I woke up, that feeling was still there. I called Jimmy Don and Bro. Nelson Reeves Jr. and told them what I was feeling and needed that Bible study as soon as possible. I got a call back from Bro. Nelson and we was doing it that night. Before the Bible study began I thought I was saved when I was 14 and thought as long as I lived right and was a good person I was fine. This was a life changing Bible study. It showed me the TRUTH and that I was LOST. That is a horrible feeling knowing you are LOST and never want to know that feeling again. I knew then I was going to do whatever the Lord needing me to do to get my life right with him. So praying was a new thing for me. It was so easy to get caught up in everyday life and not remember him. To ever stop and pray to him. And at my lowest point in life, he never left me. Bro. Nelson told me I needed to get alone somewhere even if it meant going to sit in the car outside and talking to God just as I would him. So that's just what I did. I went to the car I repented and cried out to him like never before. I bet I repented for 6 hours with a pounding headache but was not giving up until I felt that I had truly repented. The next day, Sis. Jessie called to check on me. I was telling her that I had felt that I truly repented and she said "You want to get Baptized today, I have the baptistry ready" ? I wanted to call Jimmy Don and see if he wanted to be baptized with me Tuesday instead of Wednesday as he planned. I told him I felt this was the next step I needed to take. So we went and was baptized in Jesus name that evening. I felt so cleansed. I continued to pray all through out the day and night but was still so nervous praising him out loud in front of everyone. Sunday morning after church during fellowship before Sis. Karen left she said I want you to come sit on the 2nd row with me tonight. I really thought nothing else of it. Sunday night when she came in there I sat on the back row as usual. Sis. Karen came in and said "This is not the 2nd row" and I said "Ok I will come with you but I cant tell you I am going to the alter. She said it was ok to come on. So I did. Bro. Ronnie called for everyone to come to the front and scared me didn't move. Bro. Nelson came to me and I looked at him and said I am close enough. So he began to pray with me. Sis. Angie then came to hug me and I knew it was time. My heart felt as if it was going to explode from my chest. I prayed to God that he would help me to overcome the fear of praising him out loud in front of everyone. For everyone that knows how timid I am, this was a struggle for me. So I just closed my eyes and took myself to another place and began praising him aloud in front of everyone not caring who was around me. I was not giving up and was praying that everyone praying with me didn't leave me until I was satisfied. And they didn't. I never knew who was around me but I wanted it so bad I didn't care. I want to thank everyone that prayed with me and thank you Jesus for filling me with the Holy Ghost. I was amazed to see the love and support of this church when I opened my eyes. God is so real and he can change you regardless of the circumstances in your life. He gave me such peace and I want to continue to grow in the Lord. I see everything about life in a whole new light now. It is a promise that I will be a soul winner in 2010. Praise you Jesus!"